From 2009 - 2013 I wrote a regular weekly column 'Distracted Dad' for Brighton Magazine, The Latest. (I still do occasional ones online, here's that link. The columns hopefully covered many of the frustrating, random, idiosyncratic - and life-affirming - aspects of being a Dad. (I have the rough draft of a book on the same topic, agents or publishers can contact me here!). Sometimes I diverted onto non-parenting themes such as daydreams about Google Streetview, how to be a millionaire, or betting on the Grand National. Here's a selection of direct links below, and here is the first column "How Star Wars ruined my son's maths" - printed in February 2009.

Plus, Paul Lewis, who did the excellent illustrations, has his own website 'Pointless Rhino'. click here.

Here's a few example columns
Alcove Pre-Parenthood Time Machine DIY and nostalgia over 2 by 1
Supermarket expeditions incl. bladders, shoelaces and the perils of Postman Pat's van
A Thank you letter to The Boy A rare sentimental excursion
Seeing Red Home decorating Hannibal Lecter style
Why The sharpened tool that is Youngest's use of the word
Question: Is Youngest lucky? Answer: England go out on penalties
FlapjackA messy culinary adventure.

PLUS here are two early columns only viewable on this website:
Star Wars Maths Explaining which film came first.
Bigger than a virus, smaller than an Airbus 380 The Boy learns about scale

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