Here's a directory of my writing in various forms across the internet.

JunctionAn unexpected visitor leads to a life-changing dilemma in this dark, twisting tale. Featured on The Pod Play Podcast, starring Steve Cain, Lisa Whiteside and Natalie Ciufo, produced and directed by Paul Ludden.

Screen Choosing sides and taking a stand can be ... problematic. Featuring on the Chronosphere Fiction Podcast, with production and sound design by Daniel French, starring Katelin Curtis and Spencer J Fredrick. (Previously performed at the Jack Studio Theatre, Brockley.)

Running4Ever A short film about running produced by White Cobra, adapted and directed by Martin Borley-Cox.(Originally performed by Cast Iron Theatre.

Trig Point Revenge, jealousy and Instagram Likes reach their peak in this dark comedy set on a mountain.. Featured on The Pod Play Podcast, starring Rachel Isbister and Crystal Williams, produced and directed by Paul Ludden.

Children of Margaret Audio Drama featuring on The Pod Play Podcast. Siblings plot over a secret family heirloom in this dark comedy set after a funeral. Starring Caroline Chesworth and Sean Chriscole. Produced & Directed by Paul Ludden.

Resolution Secrets and decisions in this short dark monologue set at New Year. Performed by Barbara Ashworth for Caravan Productions.

Channel A short audio drama featured on Ragged Foils Podcast. A sleep-deprived new mother tries to cope alone while her husband is away. Not all the sounds through the baby monitor are all they seem. Performed by Chloe Gilgallon, directed by Bill Thomas, produced by Natalie Winter.

A Quarter of a Million Heartbeats An audio drama featured on Ragged Foils Podcast. A disciplinary meeting is called to investigate Brandon's unusual weekend activity... Performed by Stephen Spencer & Susie Valerio, directed by Nadaav, produced by Natalie Winter.

Tinned Beef Written with Sophie Hearn, an audio drama featured on Ragged Foils Podcast: The Isolation Sessions. A Tale of Two Shopping Trips for Pauline Bovie during lockdown results in a horrible truth. Performed by Jo Ashe - who was nominated for her performance at the One Voice Awards 2021, produced by Natalie Winter.

A Review of The Missing Special A review of 'The Missing Special' my 2017 play which waas performed at the Rialto, Brighton by Pretty Villain Theatre. Directed by Roger Kay, and starring Neil James, Sophie Dearlove, Jonathan Howlett and Kitty Newbury. It was nominated for Best New Play at the Brighton Fringe Awards 2017.

Distracted DadFrom 2008 - 2013, I wrote a regular column about the humourous side of parenting for Brighton Magazine, Latest Homes. I still do occasional ad-hoc updates.

Never run alongside a Giraffe I ran Brighton Marathon in 2015. This is my story.

Why George Osborne is my evil twin - Written around the time George threatened to place an extra tax on pastry products.

The science of Immortality I was commissioned by Audi Magazine to research and interview the future of immortality, and to present the subject matter in an accessible way.

Short play night July 22nd & 23rd 2016

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